Artful Self Discovery with Debbie Anderson

Ever since I was a little girl I liked messing with paint. Not the kind of painting that was to be displayed (I don’t think there were fridge magnets in the 50’s)...just the kind of activity where you got to play with colour, and let the movement of the brush be uncensored and free! The end result might not have meant much to others, but I always derived great satisfaction out of the experience!

The Process Painting days I offer are meant to allow you free, uncensored self expression using excellent quality tempura paint and brushes, and pieces of paper big enough to hold what you have waiting to brush out!

You are welcome if you don’t remember the last time you used a paintbrush, or you’re a seasoned artist. Everyone starts as a fresh explorer of Inner Self expression. Many participants come back for more creative, healing, even spiritual experiences!

Come join us for a day of painting with abandon!
Bring your lunch and an old shirt or apron; there will be drinking water, tea and coffee provided