Artful Self Discovery with Debbie Anderson

One day I was inspired to draw this poster to encapsulate some of the things I have been learning about "Life" and this is the result! It's a great colouring project...a kind of creative self-soothing exercise! Print off a cop(ies) if you wish. The resolution is high enough to print large. Have fun!
click above to download me
Have you ever wondered why you keep doodling the same thing over and over again? 
Are you ready to consider the unspoken gut-felt thoughts and feelings you have as important?

Making art can improve your health and help you grow. The Artful Self Discovery experience can allow you to recognize aspects of yourself 

and your experience by physically seeing them in your art. 

I offer individual sessions, workshop series, or full day experiences at some of Toronto’s amazing public and private facilities. These workshops can also be run at your workplace, in someone’s home, or blended in with a retreat session.

Here is an opportunity to take some time just for you. Time to explore where you are and where you want to go. Get invigorated by using your own creativity to visualize yourself and your path!
No art-making experience is required!

There are several approaches to consider, so take a look and see what fits for you.